Caring for your loved one’s final resting place

Don't cemeteries maintain graves?

Most cemeteries and churchyards offer little more than the mowing of lawns around graves, and rough edging. They do not have the resources to trim and inspect each individual memorial. The ultimate responsibility for maintaining the grave and the memorial rests with the grave owner and not with the cemetery.

What are the main services provided?

Typically, each of our visits includes the following general maintenance: Trimming of grass around headstone, edging of plot, removal of weeds, removal of all debris (old flowers, plants and other litter), washing of memorial pot liners, cleaning of headstone/memorial. We will also document the memorial condition and recommend measures that may be needed to protect the memorial long-term.

How can I order?

Please contact us by post, email or telephone – the details are listed on our Contact Us page on the website.

How do I pay for services?

You may pay by Cheque, Standing Order or you can pay in one lump sum or spread the cost monthly.

When will I recieve confirmation of my order?

We will write to you with confirmation.

What if I don't know the grave number?

If you can provide us with the grave location number, we can easily find the location. But don’t worry if you don’t have this, we can locate it for you for a one off fee of just £12.

When will the services be performed?

We will schedule the work once we receive your order.

Do you provide fresh cut flowers and bulbs?

We offer a selection of bulbs and flowers depending on the season. We will choose fresh flowers for your grave that is most appropiate based on the time of year, its type, size and location, and any personal preference that you may have.

All of our selections have been carefully chosen based on the appropriateness for UK cemeteries and churchyards.

Do you provide restoration services?

If we believe that the memorial or kerb edging requires some repairs and/or additional maintenance, we will provide you with detailed photographs and a written report. We can work with you to obtain a no obligation quotatation for any work necessary from a local mason.

How will I know that the services have been completed?

We will notify you by email or post and provide a photograph as proof that work has been completed.

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